Thursday, January 4, 2018

Dick's Hideaway

Dick's Hideaway is located on N 16th Street in Phoenix, Arizona.

Another recommended spot from my friend, backed up with stellar reviews online. But beware, it really is hard to find. There's no "Dick's Hideaway" sign that you can see from the street, and shades (to keep piercing sunlight out) may block the decals on the door.

Dick's appears to be affiliated with Richardson's and Rokerij, as noted on the website.

Once inside Dick's Hideaway, it's basically bar meets tiny restaurant. At least in the main area, there's a handful of bar stools and a couple of tables. They are open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

The menu is basically Southwestern and New Mexican cuisine. Specials and happy hour items are on the wall. I instantly started looking for dishes with red chile and/or green chile as a topping.

Richardson's Combo ($18) combines the Eggs Benedict Jalapeno and Enchilada dishes. One benedict (with house-made jalapeno hollandaise), a side of asparagus, and two chicken enchiladas smothered in red chile and green chile. Yes, definitely get it Christmas style (both red and green chile here).

It comes on a hot metal tray, so be warned that it comes to you very fresh.

Simply an amazing find. Perfectly poached egg and the thickest piece of ham I've ever been given. Excellent hollandaise.

Juicy shredded chicken inside blue corn tortillas, quality enchiladas here. But it's the smoky red and refreshing green chile that I wanted more and more of. You'll definitely get your money's worth on food here.

Scanning the menu, everything looks glorious. I wish I had multiple stomachs.

Usually, brunch on the weekends is busy around 10:30. For whatever reason when I went, it was steady, not packed with a ton of people.

Head to Dick's Hideaway if you're in Phoenix. It truly is a hidden gem. 9.5/10

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