Monday, January 22, 2018

Juice n' Fruit Raspados

Juice n' Fruit Raspados is located on S 6th Avenue in Tucson, Arizona.

In yet another installment of "what can the panda find that is likely not in the Pacific NW," raspados were next on the list. Basically, it's a form of shave ice or snowcones. Shaved ice, fruit syrups and fruit, and other toppings like ice cream.

This part of Tucson is likely not one I'd venture to at night. Seemed like a rougher part of the city. Juice n' Fruit Raspados was in a small strip mall area, adjacent to residential housing.

Aside from raspados, there are other fruit treats and appetizers. Active military and veterans get discounts with a valid ID.

I got a small strawberry raspados ($2.50). They have a special machine to shave the ice down (different from a shave ice machine I'm used to seeing for Hawaiian-style treats), then add syrupy strawberries. You can also add condensed milk on top with ice cream, so I got both. It's a refreshing treat here; the ice is definitely more of the crushed snowcone variety.

I got there on a Monday about a half hour after it opened, and I was their only customer at the time. It probably gets busier on weekends.

If you're in Tucson, consider Juice n' Fruit Raspados as part of your eating tour! 8/10

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