Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Ei8ht Noodles

Ei8ht Noodles is located on NE Tenney Road, next to Fred Meyer, in Vancouver, Washington.

Being near work, I had been wanting to try this place for a while now. As the name implies, Ei8ht Noodles specializes in noodle dishes. Lots of Asian influence on the menu, from Thai (Pad Thai) to Vietnamese (pho) to Japanese (udon noodles) to Chinese/Cantonese (chow fun noodles).

A few menu items are noted as $8.50 lunch specials: likely a smaller portion than their dinner counterparts, but with a chicken potsticker and side salad with the meal.

The Drunken Udon lunch special featured minced chicken, udon noodles, basil, onions, tomatoes, and Thai chiles. It's basically Drunken Noodles but using different noodles instead.

I asked for mine extra spicy, but the dish wasn't overly spicy for me. Perhaps they tend to err on the side of not wanting to destroy a patron's taste buds.

Although the noodles didn't look udon-like to me (looked more like ramen noodles, while udon tends to be a thicker noodle), they were very good, more on the chewy side which I prefer. The overall dish had good flavor, more of a sweet-savory nature.

In my book, the potsticker stole the show. Delicious, very crispy, and a lovely dark golden brown. I could eat a platter of those.

Good service overall. I'd probably eye the Pad Thai or Chow Fun dish next time and perhaps a Thai iced coffee ($3.50) in the future.

Ei8ht Noodles is a wonderful addition to the Salmon Creek neighborhood! 8/10

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