Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sandwich Mania

Sandwich Mania is located at the Carts on Foster Pod (SE 52nd and Foster) in Portland, Oregon.

Sandwich Mania opened around late April 2018, and as you might expect, focuses its menu on sandwiches. The menu includes the Philly cheesesteak and Reuben sandwich.

They otherwise tout a "Beef Faheta" and "Chicken Faheta" sandwich, which is marinated meat with peppers and onions, garlic, and lemon juice in a soft hoagie roll. A side of me thinks that they meant to say "fajita" because it certainly tasted like a good fajita (with a bun instead of a tortilla).

I ordered the Chicken Faheta Sandwich ($8), with a friendly woman taking my order.

They toasted the inside of the bun, a plus. The chopped chicken, peppers, and onions remained temperature-hot from the flattop grill. Juicy, perfectly cooked chicken and slightly crunchy veggies.

I also enjoyed the chipotle sauce drizzled on top, smoky with the slightest heat.

I would suggest a weekly special every now and then, if possible.

While Sandwich Mania is still a young food cart, I see a promising future for them with that tasty sandwich! 8/10

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