Sunday, June 10, 2018

Stoopid Burger

Stoopid Burger is located on NE Glisan (near NE 24th Avenue and NE Sandy Blvd) in Portland, Oregon.

Last year, I tried to go to Stoopid Burger's old location when they were at the food pod on NE Vancouver. Unfortunately, they were closed that day, and I finally had time to stop by their Glisan spot, which is on a triangle-shaped area with a lot of eateries.

Stoopid Burger, of course, mainly serves burgers and fries. They do have a few other options, such as a chicken sandwich, chicken strip baskets, and fries a la carte. Burgers generally come with a side of fries. All burgers come with lettuce, tomato, raw onion, and their "Stoopid" sauce.

Their Wicked Burger ($15.50) includes beef, cheddar, bacon, pineapple mango habanero chutney, and peanut butter. While the spicy chutney was one of the reasons I got this, I also enjoy peanut butter in my burger.

Like many of their burgers, this was a towering burger several inches high, and I had to smash it down so I could fit it in my mouth. I really enjoyed the sweet chutney; being like a jelly with substance, it naturally paired well with the peanut butter. I got some of the habanero at times, which pleased me.

They appear to use crunchy peanut butter, or at least one that has a natural nutty texture, like it was ground from fresh peanuts. Generous helping of PB here.

The beef itself felt a tad dense but I was happy with the towering portion size. Fresh lettuce, tomato, and onion.

Good fries here, wonderfully seasoned. Don't expect a lot of fries with your burger, though.

It's street parking around this area. I parked about 2-3 blocks away.

I'm interested in who would order the $40 Ignorant Burger, which is basically a triple cheeseburger with almost every other item on the menu. If only that were a food challenge....

Stoopid Burger is another solid burger spot in Portland! 8/10

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