Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Margarita Factory (Hazel Dell)

(UPDATE July 2019: I've been here several times and have loved it each time. The Arroz con Pollo and the Camarones a la Diabla - ordered extra spicy - are now my top two dishes here. I've bumped up the rating since my initial 8.75 one year ago)

Margarita Factory Hazel Dell is located on NE 5th Avenue in Vancouver, Washington.

This spot is likely affiliated with the multiple Jorge's margarita and tequila factory spots that have popped up around other parts of Vancouver, such as downtown (tequila factory) and East Vancouver (margarita).

The menu has various items, from street tacos to burritos to enchiladas. They bring in fresh seafood 3-4 times per week. The bar is open seating, so I took a seat there.

As the name implies, there are various types of margaritas on the menu. There is even a Margarita sampler tray you can order, picking any four different margaritas you want. Sitting at the bar area, I saw a couple of those go out, and they looked very enticing.

And then there's the 40 oz "Margarita for 2" option. Who wants to get one with me for science?

I got their original "Best in Town" Margarita ($8.75 small), which is made to order. Muddled lime, triple sec, and Gran Gala. You can add a flavor, but I wanted it as is. Definitely lives up to its name, served in a heavy Margarita glass. Salt on the rim is optional. Balanced citrus and alcohol. Very delicious.

Looking at all the alcohol they have at the bar, there is a bunch of quality stuff there. Definitely worth paying extra for the quality ingredients.

Free basket of chips and salsa. Very good salsa, with a mild kick to boot.

I then ordered the "Live Strong" burrito ($14.75), which has Spanish rice; beans (refried, black, or pinto); and choice of beef or shredded chicken. It is topped with enchilada sauce, cotija cheese, onions, tomato, and lettuce. Side of sour cream and guacamole. I nixed the sour cream, opted for chicken, and got black beans in my burrito. The bean default is otherwise refried beans. It comes out on a temperature-hot plate, so be careful there.

It's a rather small (not thick) burrito, but when combined with the chips/salsa and the margarita, it becomes a decent-sized meal.Again, quality ingredients for the burrito. Everything was delicious.

This place is pretty close to where I live, which means they will likely be seeing more of my money in the future by default. Good service overall.

Happy Hour is from 3-6 PM and 9 PM-close each day, and ALL day on Sundays. Their 16 oz house Margarita is just $4.99 during this time.

If you like margaritas and excellent Mexican food, head to Margarita Factory for your fix! 9.25/10

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