Thursday, January 24, 2019

Kai Coffee Hawai'i

Kai Coffee Hawai'i has two locations in Honolulu. This blog post covers their downtown location on S King Street.

Kai Coffee prides itself on speedy service without sacrificing quality. The owners have over 25 years of industry experience. Scanning the menu, there are your typical espresso options, with various brew methods like Pour Over, Aeropress, and Cold Brew.

I went with the signature Macadamia Nut Latte ($5.50 for a medium size), complete with latte artwork on top. Outstanding latte, served warm and fast. The nuttiness from the macadamias is a natural complement with the coffee and cream. Balanced wonderfully.

There are a few baked goods in the display case, and the Prosciutto and Swiss Roll called my name the loudest. Flaky and light croissant engulfs prosciutto and melted Swiss. I could eat a dozen of those in one sitting.

If you crave a sweet treat, there were blueberry scones also in the display case. Not sure if the choices rotate or change in any way.

At lunch, there are a few sandwich options to choose from, and there could be a rotating sandwich special.

Of course, superior friendly service and I got everything very quickly. I'd reckon their other location in Waikiki is 100x busier, but it appears even that spot on Kalakaua gets stellar ratings.

There is even an online store where you can buy their coffee beans and swag.

If you want locally grown and handcrafted coffee on Oahu, Kai Coffee is an elite spot to try! 9.25/10

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