Monday, January 7, 2019

Seize the Bagel (Hazel Dell)

Seize the Bagel has two locations in Vancouver, Washington. This blog post covers the spot on NE Hwy 99 (off NE 99th Street) in Hazel Dell.

As one would expect, it's all about celebrating the bagel at Seize the Bagel. You can get savory bagels, sweet bagels, bagels with various spreads, and bagel sandwiches. There are approximately 16 savory bagels and six sweet bagel options. Starting at the lunch hour, there are also an array of sandwich choices for just about any sandwich fan.

Breakfast side of the menu

Coming in for breakfast, I ordered the Degen bagel sandwich ($6.25): egg omelet, ham, bacon, pepper jack cheese, and a tomato-herb cream cheese spread on a Hot & Spicy bagel.

You'll get a good dose of protein here, from the egg to the ham. The bacon looked to be on the thin side, and the generous amount of herb tomato cream cheese worked very well.

A lovely chew to the bagel here, and it had a trace amount of spice (nothing intimidating). I wanted to try the sandwich as is first. Now that I know how it's made, I'll probably ask for the bagel toasted more well done on the next go-around.

This location was not packed on a Sunday morning. I got my order within five minutes, even with a couple guys ordering in front of me.

You can even get a bagel with peanut butter and jelly on top. For the kids, or the kid at heart (and that includes me).

Seize the Bagel is a great place to get your bagel fix! 7.5/10

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