Thursday, January 3, 2019

Syrup Trap

Syrup Trap is located on Main Street (between W 11th and W 12th) in downtown Vancouver, Washington.

It's all about Liege-style waffles at Syrup Trap. It's probably same to assume the business name stems from how the "wells" in the waffle "trap" all the syrup for more yummy goodness.

It's a fairly simple menu. Three sweet waffle options, 3-4 savory, and the regular Liege-style waffle choice. But when ordering at the counter, there could be a waffle special.

While I waited, I got a small coffee ($3.25). They tend to use local coffee roasters, which is a plus. It might not be bottomless coffee, but I didn't need a ginormous amount this time around anyway. Otherwise, splurge the additional buck or so to get the large coffee.

That special this time was the "Wapple Pie" ($8). Apple pie filling, caramel, cinnamon, strudel, and a side of whipped cream.

I loved the waffle, soft on the inside, yet sturdy on the outside to hold all the toppings. Predictably, it was very sweet, but everything was properly executed. If anything, I'd like more of the apple pie filling on mine.

Syrup Trap fills up very quickly for weekend brunch. Even better, it's free street parking on weekends in downtown Vancouver.

Head to Syrup Trap for some great waffles! 8.75/10

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