Thursday, January 10, 2019

Miramar Mexican Restaurant

Miramar Mexican Restaurant is located on E Ellendale Avenue in Dallas, Oregon.

The panda's love for Mexican food continued in Oregon, meeting up with friends for lunch. I seriously could eat Mexican food almost every day. It's affordable and delicious, with tons of options.

While the address is on Dallas' main road, it is a bit tucked away, and might not be easy to spot when driving in from out of town.

We got chips, salsa, and beans to start. There was even a spicier salsa that was brought out midway through, a good habanero salsa with lingering spice. I was too busy eating it to take a photo, though.

If it's not beer thirty, it becomes margarita thirty these days. Miramar's margarita ($11.50) is a solid one. You can get it on the rocks or blended.

I ordered the Enchilada and Tamale lunch special ($9.95), which came with refried beans and rice. You'll get choice of chicken or beef on the inside of each, and I went with chicken.

Everything, as expected, was awesome. Generous portions of chicken on the inside of each. Good portion for the price, and the food went well with the aforementioned habanero salsa.

Great service here. Even with a party of ten or so, our food came out pretty quickly.

If you're passing through the area, Miramar Mexican Restaurant is a wonderful spot for a Mexican meal! 8/10

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