Thursday, February 7, 2019

Island Brew Coffeehouse (Hawaii Kai)

Island Brew Coffeehouse has two locations in Honolulu. This blog post covers the spot on Kehahole Street in Hawaii Kai.

Again searching for some local coffee spots, I headed here with a friend on a Saturday afternoon. Their Hawaii Kai location also has a lovely view, along the waterfront of Kuapa Pond.

Island Brew's drinks, aside from the usual espresso items, include teas and smoothies. But don't forget about their food, which includes acai bowls, waffles, bagels, sandwiches, and toast. Any milk used is 100% local as well.

The Malabar Mocha ($5.25 for a small) is their signature drink containing chocolate, caramel, and creme de cacao. Wonderfully balanced. I got the coffee, chocolate, and caramel, and no one flavor overpowered the others.

My friend enjoyed his iced chai latte. Lots of cinnamon and very refreshing.

Photo Credit: Marcel Saragena

The Spicy Avocado Toast ($8) includes garlic herb butter, sliced avocado, and a spicy aioli over toast. So simple, yet packs a ton of flavor. The spicy aioli adds a slight kick, and the garlic herb butter brings everything together. Loved the presentation (simple but colorful).

Avocado toast has been a thing for many years in San Francisco and Australia, but has really only become a bigger trend in the past few years.

For outstanding food and drinks, try Island Brew Coffeehouse! 9/10

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