Thursday, February 28, 2019

Button Up Cafe

Button Up Cafe is located on Kamehameha Highway in Pearl City, Hawaii.

Fun fact, this spot was the home to 100% Hawaiian LLC (different business) around four years ago.

The place is small, probably good for about 15 people to sit. They won't take groups of more than six as a result, and there will usually be a 1 hour time limit if dining in. It likely shouldn't be a problem, as the food comes out fairly quickly.

Button Up Cafe is another breakfast and lunch spot. Basically American options here, although options like kalua pig, meat jun, and BBQ chicken add that Hawaii flare to some choices. And of course, they will have loco mocos. It's self serve for soda and water.

Bottomless coffee here for $2.25. Coffee here is good, nothing spectacular or unique.

I specifically came here for the Stuffed Strawberry Cheeseccake French Toast ($10.95), a tower of sweet bread stuffed with strawberry cheesecake filling, topped with custard, strawberries, and a lot of whipped cream. And it's glorious.

To me, the best part was that it wasn't too sweet. Velvety cheesecake filling and the fresh strawberries really reinforce the strawberry experience.

I only wish I was able to get a few more pictures; the tower started collapsing seconds after the photos were taken.

My dad ordered the Spinach and Mushroom Omelet with tater tots ($12.95). It's probably around a three or four-egg omelet, based on the size. The spinach, mushroom, and onion inside were all properly cooked, with a nice helping of it. Tater tots were also good; browned up and crunchy.

Everything is served on paper plates or disposable/to-go cups. That's actually how 100% Hawaiian LLC was as well. Fewer dishes to wash, I suppose. And since it's all throw-away dishes, utensils, and cups, clean up is a snap.

Button Up Cafe is closed on Mondays; open 7-2 from Tue-Sat, and 7-1 on Sunday. On weekends, breakfast is served all day, with limited lunch.

Another delicious hole-in-the-wall establishment in Pearl City. It's worth going out of your way for to try. 8.75/10

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