Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Memoz Cafe

Memoz Cafe is located on N Williams Ave in Portland, Oregon.

Memoz (pronounced me-moes) opened in mid-April as a customize-your-own baked dessert spot. The owners are a husband-and-wife duo (Aaron and Julie), with Aaron growing up in the restaurant business. This unique concept of a fast-casual customized baked dessert, all ready in 2-5 minutes, was intriguing, to say the least.

First, you pick one of several bases, which can range from cookies to brownies. Second, you'll add mix-ins to the base, which can be whatever you choose, or can be one of the chef's choices on the board. Third, you pick a "finish", a topping to go on the baked treat.

Yes, there is a "Pucker Face" option with Sour Patch Kids and Nerds. That may need to be on the list for science.

I went with a brownie base ($6.50) with Elvis mix-ins (bacon, banana, and peanut butter chips). Interestingly, that's exactly what Julie would have chosen - and I only chatted with her after placing my order.

There were many photos touting the Baked Alaska topping ($3 additional) because it just looked so incredible. Sign me up, too.

The requested mix-ins get folded into the brownie base, then baked in a cupcake-like tray for two minutes. Afterward, the topping is added. Since it was the Baked Alaska topping, I waited a few additional minutes for mine, and they wanted me to take photos of the final process.

Sure, the traditional Baked Alaska uses cake as the base, but using a brownie base works here. And I know many people who would want ice cream covered in torched golden-brown meringue.

If there's any constructive criticism here, I would recommend that the baking tray be buttered or oiled so that the brownie goodness wouldn't frustratingly stick to the tray when attempting to eat this. But the flavors were on point. Even the ratios of mix-ins were perfect. I got a bit of bacon, banana, and peanut butter chips in each bite, and no one flavor upstaged the other.

Being on a busy street like N Williams should help with business and foot traffic.

They proudly serve coffee from Relevant Coffee (Vancouver, WA). Since I already had my coffee fix earlier that day, Relevant Coffee would need to wait for another day.

Check out Memoz Cafe in Portland for a unique dessert experience! 8.5/10

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