Sunday, May 26, 2019

Dulin's Village Cafe

Dulin's Village Cafe is located at the corner of E 20th and Main Street in Vancouver, Washington.

Located next to Ice Cream Renaissance, Dulin's had been on my list for a while, but either my busy schedule or laziness (probably the latter) always previously delayed the adventure here.

Out-of-towners, please note this is a popular spot. I got here around 9:30 on a Sunday morning and a wait list had already formed. Luckily, my wait time was probably 10-15 minutes. Larger parties may have more substantial wait times.

Dulin's proudly serves Silagy hot sauces from nearby Battle Ground. Their serrano sauce and habanero sauces are well-made. The serrano is more refreshing from the tomatillos and lime, while the habanero brings a nice smoky experience. Neither are real spicy, just delicious stuff.

The menu includes breakfast favorites like omelets, and the traditional (two eggs, toast, choice of meat combo). But it also has Huevos Rancheros and Irish Potato dishes (diced crispy potatoes mixed in with various ingredients). The Dublin, which has house-made corned beef, is a crowd favorite.

But the Dungeness Crab and Asparagus Benedict ($14.99) was too good to pass up. English muffin case, real crab, two poached eggs, and 3-4 stalks of asparagus, with crispy potatoes on the side.

The benedict was awesome as expected. Sweet-savory crab with fresh crunchy asparagus, and a velvety yolk from the poached egg. Combine that with some crispy potatoes and hot sauce, and I could eat that all day.

The intact, long asparagus seemed odd to me when laced across both English muffins and poached eggs. I think they could have cut the asparagus in half right before plating and serving.

Still, there's a reason Dulin's has been a popular spot for so long. Great food and great service go a long way. 8.5/10

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