Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Relevant Coffee

Relevant Coffee is now located at the corner of E 17th and Main in Vancouver, Washington. A few weeks back, I went to their older, smaller location, which was on E 19th Street, just off Main Street (maybe two blocks away). All pics on this blog post are from that 19th Street location.

When I went to Dulin's, my readers may have noticed that I didn't get coffee with my meal, a rarity for me at breakfast time. Simply put, I held out so I could go to nearby Relevant Coffee afterwards. My prior trip to Memoz Cafe may have also played a strong factor in this adventure.

Relevant Coffee may be a small spot, but it seems to be a popular one. People were enjoying their coffee on a lovely spring morning, while others waited inside. There's maybe three tables inside, with another bench to sit. Thus, there are only to-go cups given at Relevant, a smart move in my book.

Typical coffee/espresso menu, from drip coffee to cold brew to lattes. Sizes can range anywhere from 8 oz to 16 oz.

I ordered the 12 oz Mocha ($4.75), which includes small-batch Ranger chocolate sauce, their house espresso, and whole milk.

Relevant Coffee definitely knows how to make an outstanding drink. A perfect balance of coffee, milk, and chocolate, served warm. Not too sweet and not bitter. Bits of chocolate speckled the surface for additional presentation points. Even their latte art itself was impressive.

Relevant Coffee has a Founders Club that offers various rewards depending on the level. The higher the membership level, the more perks you receive.

We get spoiled with many amazing small coffee shops in the Pacific NW, and add Relevant Coffee to that elite list. 9.25/10

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