Sunday, May 19, 2019

Threshold Brewing and Blending

Threshold Brewing and Blending is located on SE 79th Avenue, just off SE Stark, in Portland, Oregon.

They opened in January 2019 in the Montavilla neighborhood, which already boasts serious competition from Roscoe's to Montavilla Brew Works. The owners started homebrewing from about 2010 and have turned it into a full-time business gig.

Aside from snacks, no other food at Threshold, so outside grub is welcome. Food trucks may park outside on certain days. Check either their Facebook or their website for more on that.

Threshold's taplist is rotational, but they focus on IPAs, sours, farmhouse ales, and stronger beers.

I tried several samples and tasters. Tasters were $2 except for Casimir, which was $3:

(L to R): Day Runner, Casimir the Great, Fuzz Face, Seedy Aftermath, Night Runner

  • Day Runner (5.5%): Their refreshing hazy session-like IPA with light tropical notes. A crowd favorite.
  • Casimir the Great (9.8%): An Imperial Stout possessing a pleasing roasty, chocolate experience. Some raspberry detected on the back end. Among my favorites.
  • Fuzz Face (6.5%): Hazy IPA double dry-hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops. One of their O.G. beers. Creamy and tasty.
  • Seedy Aftermath (5.4%): Black IPA double dry-hopped with Columbus hops. The same blend as Day Runner but with more roasty notes.
  • Night Runner (7%): NE-Style IPA a.k.a. Day Runner's danker big brother. Featured Columbus, Chinook, and Simcoe. Very fruity with citrus and stone fruit. Slight resin and grapefruit notes, too. My overall favorite.
  • Roma (7.5%): Experimental coffee stout using Colombian Gesha coffee beans from Mudd Works Roastery in Portland. I got an amazing light tan head on this one. Lovely coffee aroma and flavor that engulfs the senses. More medium-full bodied and wonderfully executed.

When I came in after 1, maybe a couple of patrons were present. By the time I left, Threshold had a respectable group of customers. I think they will do just fine.

I hope to return in the future when some food trucks are parked outside. For now, I hope other beer fans check out Threshold Brewing for some good brews! 8/10

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