Sunday, June 16, 2019

Glacier Brewhouse

Glacier Brewhouse is located on W 5th Avenue in downtown Anchorage, Alaska.

Anchorage is actually a good spot for doing your own brewery tour. There's at least three within walking distance of each other in downtown Anchorage, and perhaps 1-2 more spots to get beer otherwise.

Glacier shares this pub spot with other businesses as part of a larger building. Despite that, it's still a very spacious spot, with full bar and a large restaurant seating area. There's even cloth napkins in the restaurant area.

Because it's always beer thirty, I had to get one of Glacier's beers. The Blood Orange XX IPA ($7.50 for snifter) is a 9.44% Double IPA. West Coast-style, and the sturdy malt backbone complements the blood oranges in this one. I loved the reddish-orange color. Flavor-wise, it's got a tropical zest and hoppy profile throughout. And while it may be over 9%, it drinks far easier than that. More medium-full bodied here. An excellent to outstanding brew, although it was on the pricier side for a 12 oz glass.

I stopped by on a Saturday, around midday. On weekends only, Glacier has a brunch menu, so I wanted to take advantage of that.

I ordered the Alaskan Seafood Scramble ($15.95), which scrambles three eggs with crab, shrimp, onions, spinach, and tomatoes, and tops it with smoked salmon. The scramble is served over biscuit halves. Choice of potatoes or grits. The dish also comes with a side of fruit.

Good scramble here; I loved the shrimp and salmon. The crab seemed to be AWOL in the dish, but I got everything else. The biscuit was more on the dense side here. Potatoes were great, and I wished I had more of them.

Fresh fruit for me is always a welcome sight, a lighter option compared to the heavier sides like toast or pancakes.

The place wasn't real busy when I got there. It had maybe been open an hour by that point, and as stated in a previous post, downtown Anchorage tends to be quiet when compared to other major cities. Perhaps it sees more action during the weekdays or at night.

The lunch and dinner menus include burgers, pasta, brick oven pizzas, and various seafood dishes.

Check out Glacier Brewhouse for great beer and food! 7.5/10

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