Wednesday, June 26, 2019

WooHoo! Ice Cream

WooHoo! Ice Cream is located on Arctic Blvd in Anchorage, Alaska.

A family-run business, Peter went to UH-Hilo for college studies, while his wife, Taian, is an Alaska native (Fairbanks).

There are roughly 10 or so flavors for sale each day. Sizes include a kid's scoop (half the size of a baseball, $2), single scoop (baseball-sized, $4), and double scoop ($6).

Most ice cream flavors here are sweetened with honey instead of sugar, allowing for a creamier texture. Notable exceptions are Nutella ice cream (sweetened with Nutella) and Maple Butter Pecan (sweetened with maple syrup).

Cookies and Cream is generally the most popular flavor, described as eating an Oreo milkshake. Another flavor I saw was Thai Iced Tea, which is exactly how it sounds, perhaps more on the tea side as far as flavor goes.

I tried Velvet Thunder, a rich, velvety chocolate ice cream made with local chocolate. Roughly 63% cacao. Very smooth with the honey in the ice cream base.

That Maple Butter Pecan ice cream, though, was a big winner. Extremely smooth and buttery texture. Small bits of pecan in every bite. Maple syrup brings everything together.

WooHoo also seems to be a place where people come to play games. I saw people playing cards and checkers at adjacent tables. At maybe 8 PM, the place had a steady line of customers.

It's interesting that Anchorage is probably a small-enough place such that the workers there tend to know who has been in before and who hasn't. They definitely knew I wasn't there before. They asked if I wanted a punch card, but since I was from out of state, I declined.

There should be plenty of parking spaces such that finding a spot isn't an issue.

WooHoo Ice Cream will definitely have you shouting "Woohoo!" while eating their treats. A wonderful dessert spot in Anchorage! 9.5/10

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