Sunday, June 9, 2019

Turnagain Brewing

Turnagain Brewing is located on King Street in Anchorage, Alaska.

This place technically has two addresses, possibly taking up both sides of a converted duplex. It is in a commercial part of the city, though.

Turnagain focuses mainly on Belgian and sour beers, but they may have other styles, like IPAs, on tap. All their beers contain unmalted wheat from VanderWeele Farms in Palmer, AK (so no gluten-free beer here). All sour beers have live lactobacillus.

Since the brewery doesn't serve food, a rotating cast of food trucks will park outside almost every day. Turnagain's website or social media will keep people updated with the latest food truck schedule.

I got two 4 oz beers on my visit:

Atlantic Haze on the left; Framb Was on the right

Atlantic Haze ($2.50) is a 5.4% New England-style IPA that clocks in at around 25 IBU. Hazy golden with a citrus-floral experience and additional piney finish. Refreshing and no bitterness.

The Framb Was sour ale ($3) was easily my favorite. It's a raspberry Framboise-style ale (hence the name of the beer) that screamed raspberries with every sip. Lovely hazy magenta color, with tangy raspberry from start to finish. Raspberries grow wildly in Alaska, so a perfect choice here. Not surprisingly, Framb Was has also won some awards.

A very laid-back atmosphere again, but it also could be because I arrived close to closing time. They close at 8 PM, and last call was around 7:50. The place probably only has 6-7 tables.

If you're planning a brewery tour in Anchorage, be sure to add Turnagain Brewing to your list! 8/10

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