Thursday, December 19, 2019

Fourscore Beer Company

Fourscore Beer Company is located on S Washington Street in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

I spend a major part of my travel adventures finding local breweries to try. Being in Gettysburg, Fourscore Beer Company's epic name alone made this an automatic stop.

There are only a few parking spots in their private adjacent lot. Others will park on the street or at some limited spaces in the hospital parking lot across the street.

The place was predictably packed when coming in for dinner on a Saturday. Since it was my Mom and I, I told Mom to save a seat while I ordered. She got counter seating at the far end of the building.

The food menu looks excellent, with burgers, sandwiches, chicken tenders, and fries, among other items.

For Mom, I ordered The 603 Salad ($12). A blend of Boston Bibb lettuce, arugula, and Swiss chard topped with roasted corn and avocado salsa, tomatoes, and fried chickpeas. Mom also loved the tangerine-chipotle vinaigrette. Wonderful presentation (very colorful) and fresh ingredients.

I was more interested in the beer, which I ordered separately at the bar.

  • Mason Dixon Series Rear View (7.4%) is a slightly resinous hazy IPA with tropical stone fruit. More of a fruity citrus peel aftertaste.
  • Thunder Rail (8.4%) is a hazy Double IPA with more tropical and pine on the nose. Also detected what could be ripe stone fruit and guava. It drinks very easy for its stated ABV. 
  • Time Keeper (8.3%) is a hazy Double IPA which was more dank and hoppy than the other two to start, then a lovely tropical experience.
  • Lost Words (7%) is a hazy IPA that brought more English-like malts to the forefront, Earthy and piney. This one wasn't my favorite, but I still drank it.

I can see this being otherwise a popular, but not as crazy-busy a spot for locals and tourists.

If you're around Gettysburg, check out Fourscore Beer to get your food and beer fix! 8/10

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