Thursday, December 26, 2019

May's Avenue Restaurant

(I hope everyone had a great holiday season!)

May's Avenue Restaurant is located on Steinwehr Ave in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

I had a fairly long drive ahead of me through West Virginia and Maryland, but before leaving Gettysburg, I grabbed a bite at May's, one of their local breakfast spots.

Unassuming interior, resembling a diner-restaurant hybrid from a generation ago. Specials were on a blackboard in the back.

Basic American menu here, with very reasonable/cheap prices.

My mom ordered hot chocolate, while I stuck with my usual coffee. Both were great here. Lots of whipped cream on that hot cocoa.

Again seeking something regional that I've never had before, I ordered Cream Chipped Beef over toast ($5.99). Think biscuits and gravy, but with toast and flecks of beef in the gravy. Chipped beef is very thin slices of dried, pressed beef that otherwise partially re-hydrate in the gravy. It's more of a comfort food that can also be served over homefries/potatoes.

I really enjoyed it. As noted above, it had similarities to biscuits and gravy. The beef gave this extra flavor, but the flecks were too small to appreciate the feeling of actually eating beef.

Fun fact: This is otherwise known as "Shit on a Single" to military folk and older generations. If I recall correctly, even Word of Mouth Bistro in Salem, Oregon would do a special on this maybe once a year, probably more likely near a military holiday.

I cannot recall anymore if my mom ordered the #1 (one egg, one slice of bacon, and toast/jelly) or #2 (two eggs, three slices of bacon, and toast/jelly). It was a small order for sure. All I know is I ate the bacon because mom is otherwise vegetarian. Serves me right for not taking a photo; otherwise I could remember these things....

Good service here. I just wish it wasn't otherwise a way's away from a more bustling area like Philadelphia (i.e. a city with an airport that I would be flying into).

May's Avenue Restaurant is a local favorite and serves satisfying meals. If you ever visit Gettysburg, check them out! 8.5/10

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