Thursday, January 23, 2020

Chaps Pit Beef

Chaps Pit Beef has two locations in Maryland, one in Delaware, and one in Pennsylvania. This blog post covers the original location on Pulaski Hwy in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ever since Chaps on the Baltimore episode of Man v. Food, I've wanted to go here. Even Andrew Zimmern and Guy Fieri went here and both approved, which really got me excited.

I may have arrived on a weekday, and even before peak lunch hour, the place was slammed and a line almost out the door.

As expected, I went with Chaps famous Pit Beef sandwich ($7.85), which is smoked beef sliced thin. It's amazing on its own; pure beef goodness. Very juicy and tender.

The famous Chaps Pit Beef sandwich

As far as condiments go, you can choose any or all of their four BBQ sauces, or even get their Tiger Sauce, which is mayo and horseradish. There's straight horseradish. And there are sliced dill pickles, which I happily devoured.

From top left, going clockwise: Tiger Sauce, horseradish, pickles, ketchup

My mom ordered a BLT ($6.25), and because she's vegetarian, gave all the bacon to me. These were the best slices of bacon on a BLT I've ever had. Bacon all scrunched up, possibly because they were deep fried, and very crunchy. And Chaps doesn't skimp on the bacon. If you want your protein gainz, Chaps is the place to be.

Both of us enjoyed some of Chaps fries ($3.25 for a small order). Well seasoned and golden brown.

After you order at one window, you'll pick up your order by number at the window around the corner. All things considered, they get the food to the customer very quickly.

Chaps lived up to my already-high expectations. They have multiple locations, as noted above, but I felt it was best to go to the original spot. There are some spaces in the parking lot, but they may fill up quickly. 9.5/10

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