Thursday, January 16, 2020

Mispillion River Brewing

Mispillion River Brewing is located on Mullett Run Street in Milford, Delaware.

Fun fact: The brewery is named after the river that runs through Milford.

There are 16 taps of Mispillion's beers. No food on site as of last September. I naturally went with a flight of four 5 oz pours.

  • Lightning Bug is a 5.7% NE-Style IPA. More hazy straw-golden in color. Wheat and pilsner malts in this one, with light stone fruit. Got melon, grape, peach, and mango flavors. Azacca, Amarillo, and Eukanot hops. Usually, lower ABV (below 6% for me) has meant a decreased flavor, but a nice amount of that here.
  • Not Today Satan is a 7.3% IPA, still with a hazy dark golden appearance. A sweet malt backbone with tropical grapefruit. Easily my favorite of the four.
  • Lambroghini Cheetah is a 7.5% NE-Style IPA. More light tropical flavors in his hazy golden brew. It's double dry-hopped, but for me, didn't have as much flavor as I thought it would have. Still refreshing.
  • Party Monsters is their 8% Double IPA, a hazy golden-orange color. Some malt, hops, and earthy-grass flavors with the tropical citrus. Azacca, Eukanot, and Motueka hops here.
(L to R) Lightning Bug, Not Today Satan, Lambroghini Cheetah, Party Monsters

I sampled their Raspberry Jacuzzi, a 6.2% sour fruit beer. A stunning raspberry color with tons of raspberry flavor to match. It was incredible and made me wish I got a pint of that.

Dropping in mid-afternoon, there were not a lot of people to start. The brewery is also off the main path a bit, so it's more peaceful and laid-back. 

The brewery distributes to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and parts of Maryland.

If you head to Delaware and looking for a good local beer, I totally recommend Mispillion River Brewing! 8.5/10

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