Thursday, January 30, 2020


Waji's is located inside the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (on International Blvd) in Seattle, Washington. It is past security checkpoint in Concourse C.

Because there were no direct flights from Baltimore to Portland on Alaska Airlines, we had a layover in Seattle before heading home. This was officially the last spot that mom and I went to on our East Coast trip - even though this clearly wasn't eaten on the east coast.

Waji specializes in Asian cuisine. Their food menu includes teriyaki chicken, fried rice, yakisoba, and other dishes.

The tofu yakisoba ($10.95) was very well made and delicious. Veggies still crunchy, and extra firm tofu browned nicely on the outside. Most importantly, the yakisoba noodles were chewy and seasoned wonderfully with the yakisoba sauce.

I mainly ordered this vegetarian dish so my mom could eat this with me. Otherwise, the teriyaki chicken would likely be my order.

If you have some time to kill in the Sea-Tac airport, Waji's in Concourse C was a solid spot. 7.5/10

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