Thursday, January 2, 2020

Crooked Crab Brewing Company

Crooked Crab Brewing Company is located on Telegraph Road in Odenton, Maryland.

Maryland became State #39 on my quest to visit all 50 states. Logically, the panda headed to a brewery as the first stop.

Crooked Crab sells no food (aside from some Udi's crab seasoning chips), but has a good beer menu filled with hazy IPAs and other styles. For the record, those chips were tasty, and just $1 for a small bag.

Per the usual course of action, I got a flight; this one included five 5 oz pours, instead of just four glasses.

  • Haze for Days (6.2%) was a NE-style Pale Ale with smooth tropical peach. Oaty malts complemented, and perfect for a warm day. A year-round beer that you can enjoy anytime.
  • I Fought the Claw (7.1%) was a balanced American IPA with citrus hops and pine. Malt sweetness worked wonderfully.
  • Body By NEIPA (6.8%) had some dank notes on the nose, yet more a refreshing diluted tropical citrus on flavor. More medium-light bodied and some carbonation. Enigma and Equinox hops in the whirlpool, then double-dry hopped with Equinox cryo hops, Enigma, and Vic Secret.
  • Oater Space (6.6%) was an NE-style IPA with a creamy lactose. It had an interesting mix of tropical stone fruit and herbal notes. It wasn't my favorite, but it stood out the most.
  • Juicenado (8%) was a NE-style Double IPA with El Dorado, Barbe Rouge, and Michigan Copper hops. Tropical dank on the nose with citrus or citrus peel flavor on the back end. Oaty and wheat malts complemented.

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