Thursday, January 9, 2020


Eggcellence is located on Housley Road in Annapolis, Maryland.

We stayed at a nearby hotel that included breakfast with the hotel stay. But despite that, I wanted to find local places that show off what Maryland has to offer.

Entering the place, part of a strip mall area, there's no doubt I was in Annapolis. It's home to the Navy Midshipmen.

Very homey interior. But also, on the dining tables, Old Bay seasoning. It's a seasoning popular around Maryland, Delaware, and parts of Virginia. And yes, I raided a local market and took a bunch home with me.

I started with coffee like usual. Good stuff here, and unlimited refills.

As the menu implies, eggs reign supreme. Various American breakfasts on the menu. Eggs, hashes, benedicts, and omelets. Even baked egg dishes and fritattas, just to show off the egg even more.

Sticking with the area's cuisine, I got the Marylander omelet ($14.19). Crab meat, avocado, fresh tomato, and Swiss. Probably 2-3 eggs here. Served with potatoes and toast. There are two types of homemade jam on the counter, strawberry and apricot.

Very good omelet, and a healthy portion of crab. Old Bay seasoning really fits that all-purpose bill; it pairs with potatoes just as well as the omelet itself. For those that have not tried Old Bay, the celery salt comes through the most, with a bit of back-end (mild) spice from paprika and other seasonings.

Mom got the American Breakfast ($8.69), which is basically two eggs, toast, and potatoes, with choice of meat. Mom ended up giving me whatever meat option came with it, so I went with scrapple again because I knew I wouldn't be able to get it back home.

Eggcellence's version of scrapple was considerably smaller than Amy's, but still good. Crispy exterior from the pan-fry (or griddle-fry), and still a creamy interior. Once again, some similarities on flavor to spam.

Again, very good service. Business picked up right after we got seated, so it was very good timing on our part.

Eggcellence served some "egg-cellent" meals. Yeah, I'll shamefully see myself out now. 9/10

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