Monday, February 24, 2014

Potato Champion (Part 4)

(Original Visit -- September 2011)
(Second Visit -- March 2012)
(Halloween Poutine Bender -- November 2012)
(Third Visit -- October 2013)

This is my fifth featured blog post on Potato Champion, basically at least one post each year from the time I started my food blog. I don't think any other place on my blog carries such a distinction (with respect to consistent food blogging). Yup, I returned again for more awesome fries.

Potato Champion ran the Indian Veggie Korma special again (and seem to bring it back every so often). It's an Indian vegetarian curry with zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, peas, cashews, and paneer cheese served over fries. It is topped with a cilantro chutney. A very good dish, and a very interesting one.

Small Indian Veggie Korma
The portions here are gluttony-worthy. The chili cheese fries scream sexy time food porn, with the cheese and chili sticking to the lid. Thick chili and a bunch of shredded cheese.

Medium chili-cheese fries
Not sharing huge portions here may lead to fluffy panda syndrome.

I've blogged about Potato Champion several times, and each time seems to be a much better experience than the previous visit. The snowpocalypse we had the other week basically left me craving a ton of fries, and frankly, I've concluded that Potato Champion makes some of the best fries I've ever had. Super crispy fries with an awesome golden brown color. Fries are generously salted. Large portions of it are welcome anytime.

Check out this great food cart! 9/10

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