Sunday, September 14, 2014


Artigiano is located near SE 34th and Division in Portland, Oregon.

Finally, after a couple years on my bucket list, I finally was in the area to try their food. Artigiano is a stand-alone cart, not in a food pod, and they may have live entertainment inside the adjacent tent.

Everything here -- especially the pasta -- is made fresh.

I went with the Tagliatelle with Pesto and Potatoes ($13). Being a big pesto fan, I was quite stoked. Execution was great on everything.

The only thing for me: the portion size won't fill me up. I'd likely need at least three helpings of this. Normally, $13 at a food cart gets me enough food for a fluffy panda coma.

The "Dinner for Two" and "Family-Style Feast" options here seem more the way to go. It'll be roughly $20 per person for 3-4 courses. The "Dinner for Two" option changes nightly.

Artigiano is a great cart, and major points for making fresh pasta. At the end of the day, I likely should have done the "Dinner for Two" option -- and eaten for two people. 7/10

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