Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Love Beliezan

Love Beliezan is located at the new Tidbit food pod (near SE 28th Place and SE Division) in Portland, Oregon.

Love Beliezan (headed by owner Tiffany) was one of the food carts formerly at SW 6th and Columbia in downtown Portland before all six carts there received 30-day eviction notices and had to leave by the end of June. Luckily, Love Beliezan has found a new home.

Love Belizean is probably best known for their chicken plate, served with rice and your choice of arugula or spring mix salad. You can get a single portion ($8) or double portion ($10). Tiffany also serves a Roasted Red Pepper Tri-Tip plate.

Or heck, just get a combo plate ($12) like I did. Must try both proteins for panda science.

The chicken is incredible and cleanly falls off the bone. This is how all chicken should be. Pandas don't like to struggle to get every last bit of meat in their system.

The tri-tip is juicy, with wonderful roasted red pepper flavor. It simply works.

I admit being more of a chicken fan in general, so if forced to choose, I'd be eating chicken all day long.

A bunch of spring mix salad also awaited me because eating healthy is not a bad idea.

What really brought me here: the array of habanero hot sauces, ranging from Sweet to "Beware." I've had the Beware before -- which I think has good heat, but no big deal for me.

I tried two sauces, the Grapefruit Pulp and "No Wimps Allowed." The former has a good citrus tang, with grapefruit pulp listed first on the ingredient list. The latter contains a neat cross of tomato and habanero flavors. No Wimps Allowed will probably make you sweat if you have enough of it.

As of this blog post, Tiffany owns the only Beliezan food cart in the city (to my knowledge). Be sure to check this food cart out! 8/10

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