Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stacy's 65

Stacy's 65 is located at the Tidbit food pod (SE 28th Place and Division) in Portland, Oregon.

After a few months at the Carts on Foster pod as Chili Love, Stacy gave the business an overhaul. New menu, new location, and new business name! However, "Amelia" remains the name of this beloved cart.

Stacy's 65 focuses on breakfast, mainly breakfast sandwiches. I'm instantly reminded of some great food carts, such as The Egg Carton in PDX and Yolk's Breakfast in Vancouver, BC. Breakfast sandwiches FTW.

If you're in the area and smell sausage and bacon, that's probably Stacy's cart.

Much like how Fried Egg, I'm in Love and Good & Evil Wrap Co. use music and puns in their menu items, Stacy's 65 uses 1960s references in many of hers.

Hours are subject to change
(Posted September 2014)

Stacy serves cart-made sausage patties in a few of her sandwiches, using some organic maple syrup and Granny Smith apples.

The "Outta Sight" ($5) is one of her bestselling sandwiches: cart-made sausage patty, goat cheese, fig jam (or other seasonal jam), and baby spinach. You can add an egg for $1 more. My egg preference: overeasy so you can see the yolk ooze and drip. Extra messy sandwich FTW.

You can customize your sandwich order if you wish, and Stacy carries several cheeses (cheddar, colby jack, jack, etc.) that should be fine with almost anyone.

I may not be the biggest fan of goat cheese, but I got it anyway because that's what was on the menu description. Everything worked here, and I loved the creaminess of that goat cheese. The sweetness from the fig jam and the sausage patty worked well against that tangy cheese. Juicy sausage and perfect egg.

The BATman is another sandwich item worth getting (bacon, avocado, and fresh tomato).

As far as other items go, the Woodstock Breakfast Tacos ($5 no meat; $6 with meat) include scrambled eggs, Mexican cheeses, black beans, and bacon with lime, avocado, cilantro, and sour cream. Two tacos, double corn tortillas for each taco. Served with cart-made (mild) salsa!

Of course, the panda wants bacon here.

For many people, this should be a filling, yet refreshing start to your day. Very good tacos here!

For those wondering, Stacy still has her superhot peppers from her Chili Love cart. The panda loves that!

As an aside, I really like the Tidbit pod's location. The pod had a bunch of foot traffic even before the grand opening in mid-September. Cart owners here are excited about what could be in store for the months and years ahead. For Stacy in particular, she will be open early enough in a residential/commercial setting to catch people on the way to school or work.

Stacy's 65 should have a bright future at this pod! 8.5/10

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  1. I love eating at Stacey's; she makes some amazing breakfast stuff! Her new item sausage and gravy over rice with a fried egg on top (available only on weekends) is a must-have!