Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Midwest Pizza Company

Midwest Pizza Company is located at the Mississippi Marketplace pod in Portland, Oregon.

Steve and Steve -- both from the Midwest -- started this cart in mid-June.

The Steves even fly in chips and sodas from the Midwest, including Ballreich's chips (Tiffin, OH), Faygo soda (Detroit), Green River soda (Chicago), and Sprecher's (Milwaukee).

The cart serves Chicago deep dish pie, Detroit-style (Sicilian) pizza, and Chicago dogs.

I tried a slice of their Chicago deep dish ($5.50). This one had pepperoni, sausage, and bacon. Great job on the sauce. Definitely one for the meat eaters. A slight crunch when biting into the buttery crust.

Each slice of Chicago pie weighs over a pound; slices come from a 16" pie.

Next up, a slice of the Detroit pizza ($4.50). Certainly more ordinary and less imposing than its Midwestern brother. A slight crunch, with nice browned crust edges. Cheese would be a mozzarella-jack combo.

The Detroit pie looks like it needed a little more time in the oven. I'm a fan of a more browned cheese. Frankly, the Detroit pizza featured on their website looks amazing, and if these guys can make it like that all the time, I'd be even more sold.

You can also order whole pies at this cart, perfect if you're planning a get-together at Prost or at the pod itself.

Solid flavors on both pizza slices. I know a few people from the Midwest. If only they could try this cart....

Check this food cart out! 7.5/10

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