Friday, June 19, 2015

Big-Ass Sandwiches Goes Brick and Mortar!

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It's been mentioned many a time in Portland, but yes, Big-Ass Sandwiches has finally gone brick-and-mortar! I received a special invite from the owners to attend a soft opening on Sunday, June 14! Due to the overwhelming response at the soft open, Big-Ass Sandwiches opened their brick-and-mortar spot to the general public on June 16!

+1 to the photobombing kid!
More awesome news for Brian and Lisa Wood, who have built their BAS empire over the past few years with the goal of going brick-and-mortar. Over time, they hired employees at their original cart, changed that cart location a couple times, and briefly getting a second cart.

Many people turned out for the soft open. With the increased space, Big-Ass Sandwiches now sports an expanded menu, with alcoholic options (some beers and cocktails).

I started with a side order of Brian's Meaty Balls ($5), two hefty meatballs with marinara and topped with freshly grated Parmesan. Excellently seasoned and juicy. You can also get these in a sandwich or over pasta.

Photo Credit: Steven Shomler

I then went back to an old favorite: Nacho Fries ($5). It's the same nacho fries served at the cart all these years, right down to the bechamel cheese sauce and Secret Aardvark habanero sauce on top. I was quite the fluffy panda afterward.

Photo Credit: Steven Shomler
Huge thumbs up also for Bacon Cheese Fries. The bacon here is exactly how I love it: super crispy, yet not burnt. More cheese sauce FTW.

Apparently, the alcoholic options may rotate or change. I'll have to stay updated on that.

If the soft open is any indication, Big-Ass Sandwiches will continue immense success! Again, huge thank you to the Big-Ass Sandwich crew for the soft open invite!

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