Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Steak Your Claim

Steak Your Claim is located near the corner of SW 9th and Washington in downtown Portland, Oregon.

This cart is basically known for cheesesteaks and pastrami. Not surprisingly, one co-owner is from Philadelphia and the other co-owner has spent considerable time in New York.

If ordering a cheesesteak -- the Broad Street Bully here ($9.50) -- it almost feels like ordering it if you're headed to Pat's in Philadelphia. Specify: (1) wit' or wit'out onions and (2) if you want whiz or provolone. I got it the traditional way: wit' onions and whiz. The bread here is locally made by Pearl Bakery.

Initially, I looked at what I received and thought it seemed a bit small for $9.50. Then I opened the sandwich up and, to my delight, more meat, cheese, and onions appeared. It looked like the bread had been hollowed out a bit so that the sandwich could pack more cheesesteak inside.

The whiz and meat just scream drunk comfort food. The slight crunch from the cooked diced onions give it an extra pump of flavor. Combine all that with the soft, chewy bread, and I'm a happy panda. Basically, this is a heck of a cheesesteak, people.

After the cheesesteak, I'm beyond excited to try the pastrami. While many would go with The Purist (pastrami and mustard on rye for $8.50), I'm leaning towards the Reuben ($9).

Also, don't forget about the fries. Choice of regular fries or curly fries that can be topped five different ways.

Steak Your Claim is open six days a week. During the summer, they will stay open later.

Head to Steak Your Claim and get your fix! 8.75/10

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