Thursday, June 18, 2015


Ichiriki has several locations in Hawaii, on the island of Oahu. This blog post is for the spot on Kaonohi Street, not far from Pearlridge Shopping Center.

Ichiriki is one of the places to head to on Oahu for hot pot. Each table has several burners, on which a flavorful broth of your choosing is placed to heat up and start boiling. You'll then order a specific meat set (think chanko nabe or shabu shabu style). A plate of raw vegetables and thinly sliced meat will be given to you. You'll then toss the meats and veggies into the bubbling broth to cook for a few minutes, then eat.

For me, I naturally wanted the spiciest broth. The Angry Goma broth (add $3 more) includes habaneros -- and I could taste all the habanero goodness without blowing my face off.

Oh, and I wanted a drink while here. Ichiriki's drink menu includes beer, wine, sake, and cocktails. Being adventurous, I tried a glass of their Green Apple Shochu Cocktail ($6). Sweet, addicting, and reminding me of a green apple Jolly Rancher candy. The vodka was certainly noticeable, but tempered off by all that green apple sweetness.

During happy hour, their Short Rib Shabu Shabu is only $16.95 (regular price $20.95). Several thin slices of marbled short rib are presented on a plate.

Tsukune, Ichiriki's homemade meatballs, is presented raw on a stick. Using wooden utensils, you'll break off balls straight into the broth for cooking. They're delicious and taste like pork hash from a great dim sum spot. You can get individuals sticks of tsukune for $2.95 here.

The plate of veggies include mushrooms, tofu, carrots, and locally grown wok bok cabbage.

After your meat and veggies spend time in the broth, dunk it in some sauce (ponzu, anyone?) and enjoy.

You'll also have a choice of noodles to finish your meal off in style. You can get ramen, udon, or zosui. For me, ramen all the way. Just a couple minutes in the hot broth, and you're good to go.

An Ichiriki experience is incomplete without dessert. My family and I split the Warabi Mochi with Green Tea Ice Cream ($4.95), mainly because I would likely be unable to find such an item in the Pacific NW. Again, well executed, but by this point, the panda had begun to get fluffy.

Ichiriki is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, closing in between services.

Ichiriki is a great spot to hit up for hot pot in Hawaii! 8.25/10

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