Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fifty Licks Ice Cream (SE Clinton)

(Original Food Cart Review -- June 2011)

Fifty Licks has two brick-and-mortar spots in Portland, Oregon. This blog post covers the location on SE Clinton Street.

After starting out as a food cart (see the link to my 2011 review above), Fifty Licks opened the SE Clinton spot in 2013. The Burnside spot opened last spring.

The Clinton spot is a small space, with comics/cartoon strips adorning the walls. Being next to a few restaurants, I think it is a pretty good location for Fifty Licks.

The food menu has about a dozen ice cream flavors, with three other vegan options. You can get mini scoops ($2.95), single scoops ($4.25), or double scoops ($7.65). You also have choice of a cup or a waffle cone.

While I enjoyed samples on half the menu, I went with the Banana Pudding ice cream, which includes Nilla wafers. Lots of banana here. Creamy and delicious. I think their scoop sizes are smaller compared to other ice cream shops.

I remember also being a fan of the Water Avenue Coffee ice cream in prior visits.

If you want drinks instead, you can get hot chocolate, root beer floats, milkshakes, and more.

I have steadily become more and more a fan of Fifty Licks over the years. Their spots are open seven days a week. Head to one of their brick-and-mortar spots for some ice cream! 8.25/10

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