Sunday, April 1, 2018

HopWorks Urban Brewery (Vancouver)

(Bike Bar Review -- February 2017)

HopWorks Urban Brewery has at least three locations in the Portland and Vancouver (WA) area. This blog post covers the Vancouver location off SE 177th and Mill Plain.

I had been to the Bike Bar early last year, then stopped by the SE Powell location last fall for their Super Chill IPA release. I likely saved this location for last because it is more out of the way for me than the other two locations.

I went to HUB's Vancouver location for the release of Chill Murray, another New England-style IPA clocking in at 7% ABV. I covered this beer more in depth on my beer blog.

The food menu is basically the same at all locations. The Brewer's Poutine, which I had at the Bike Bar, remains on the menu.

While enjoying my beer, I got the Turkey Banh Mi burger ($13.95): a natural turkey burger with pickled carrots, cucumbers, fresh cilantro, and fresh jalapeno, topped with sriracha aioli. For $1 more, I substituted a cup of Italian minestrone for the fries. The pickled veggies were in long strips.

A very good turkey burger, and I loved the crunch and acidity of the pickled veggies. Slight, pleasing spice from the jalapenos and the sriracha aioli. I also loved the flavor and rustic look of the minestrone, but the soup could have been warmed up a little more.

I arrived a little after 6 PM, and there was a short waitlist for larger parties. I was able to otherwise nab a seat at the bar, which is normally first-come-first-served. There are a couple of TVs that will have a sports game on just about all the time.

Additionally, the Vancouver location serves a Vancouver IPA exclusively at this spot.

I enjoyed the HopWorks Urban Vancouver spot. If it wasn't so far out of the way for me, I'd probably stop by more often. 7.5/10

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