Sunday, April 15, 2018

Ranch Pizza at Poison's Rainbow

Ranch Pizza is located inside Poison's Rainbow (near NE 28th Avenue and NE Flanders) in Portland, Oregon.

The outside of Poison's Rainbow on NE 28th Avenue

Ranch Pizza, a Sicilian-style pizza spot, started as a delivery pop-up in SE Portland, usually to beer spots on Division. They stopped their delivery service back in December, then signed a lease for a brick-and-mortar on NE Dekum, where Tamale Boy sets up shop. In the meantime, Ranch Pizza is being served at Poison's Rainbow.

Poison's, by the way, is an unassuming spot off NE 28th. At the time I went, I didn't even see a sign for the place. It's a 21-and-over spot that also just opened recently. It has a full bar, with a few drink options otherwise on their menu.

Ranch Pizza has various menu options, from their marinara slice (vegan) to their famous #4 slice that has Italian sausage, ricotta, and Mama Lil's peppers.

I got Ranch Pizza's cheese slice ($4.50) that has mozzarella, red sauce, pecorino cheese, and fresh basil on top. Sicilian-style pies are square and deep-dish style, with the cheese put on before the sauce. Outstanding deep-dish pan slice here, with wonderful crunch. Lovely sweetness from the marinara. The slice even has a bit of airiness, not a dense offering. The square slice is cut into two triangle wedges. Taking a full pie home should feed you for a good while.

The place will probably be at its busiest on a Friday or Saturday night. Otherwise, as mentioned above, it may be relatively quiet. There were maybe 4-5 others in the place at the time I was there.

While I wait for Ranch Pizza's opening on NE Dekum, head to Poison's Rainbow for a slice and a beverage! 8.75/10

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