Wednesday, May 30, 2018

K-Town Korean BBQ

K-Town Korean BBQ is located near the corner of SE 82nd Avenue and SE Foster in Portland, Oregon.

All-you-can-eat (AYCE) Korean BBQ here. This seriously needs to be a more popular option in Portland. I know of maybe a handful of spots, but for me, the more, the merrier.

K-Town opens for lunch and dinner. Presumably, the best time to go is in the middle, certainly before 5 PM, when the dinner rush really starts picking up.

I started my AYCE journey with some beer, a handful of options on tap. They had Hop Valley's Citrus Mistress IPA at the time I went, so I got that.

There are six appetizer dishes, three on either side of the grill. AYCE on these. I'm a fan of the kimchi.

You'll get salad and rice. AYCE there.

Each table has a hot grill in the middle; you get to cook everything yourself to your liking. When the metal grill gets dirty from all the cooking, you can ask to replace it with a clean one.

There are three types of AYCE packages: Standard ($23.99), Classic ($25.99), and Premium ($29.99). There are more items to choose from as you move from standard to premium. Frankly, the standard package has more than enough delicious options, so I would recommend starting there.

The first round of deliciousness included thin-sliced pork belly, thin-sliced beef brisket, spicy pork belly, and wine-marinated pork belly. Onions and white mushrooms for some healthy veggies.

Bulgogi and spicy chicken in round two.

More adventurous in round three. Coconut curry chicken, pork patty, and spicy beef small intestine. The intestine was predictably chewy, but otherwise not bad. The pork patty is very thick, so it may be more advisable to make thinner pieces so it cooks through faster and not raw in the middle.

Mmm...spicy beef small intestine

Basically, if you don't leave fluffy, you did not do it right. My friends and I made sure we did it right.

All the food was delicious. My personal favorites included the spicy pork belly and coconut curry chicken.

Very friendly service. We had the grill changed out a couple times during our time there.

Head to K-Town Korean BBQ for some awesome eats! 9/10

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