Sunday, July 1, 2018


Either/Or has two locations in Portland, Oregon. This blog post covers the newer spot on N Williams. The other spot is in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland.

As Eater Portland noted, this place got its name from Portland artist Elliot Smith's 1997 album of the same name, which in turn came from a Danish philosopher's book.

Either/Or also has a sister company, Tanglewood, which focuses on chai.

This is a coffee bar and cocktail bar, with Asian-inspired dishes that can include Chinese sausage, pork belly, kimchi, and/or Asian greens. I popped in on a Saturday morning to check it out.

It appears very casual; you can order at the counter and then take a seat. Most patrons coming in got lattes, cappuccinos, and Americanos. I of course went against the norm and got a regular coffee. At the time, they had Proud Mary Coffee's Colombian blend on, but they will rotate their selection.

The Chinese Sausage Bowl ($10) includes a bed of rice, with Asian greens, a 6-minute egg, kimchi, chopped Chinese sausage, and sesame seeds. All the components were well-executed, the greens kept their snap and the kimchi had its fresh crunch with a slight bite. I would have probably wanted a sauce or other condiment to bind everything together a little more, though.

There is a fairly decent alcohol selection for the cocktail bar, so they should be able to make just about any drink you want.

Of course, if you crave something sweeter, there are baked goods in the glass case up front.

Check out Either/Or in Portland! 7/10

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