Sunday, July 29, 2018

Taqueros Mexican Restaurant

Taqueros Mexican Restaurant is located on Camino Capitstrano in San Juan Capistrano, California.

More food adventures for the panda. I had never been to San Juan Capistrano before, but it clearly holds a lot of history.

Taqueros is basically a small shop in a small strip mall. It seems to be a place where mostly locals would head for a meal. Taqueros is next to the Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano Parish and School, where a statue of Fray Junipero Serra stands.

While I love Mexican food in general, two of my competitive eating friends met up to take on a 6-pound enchilada challenge here, dubbed the Chupracabra. It's basically served in an aluminum dish and topped with the good stuff (cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, and sour cream). I didn't get a shot of how deep the dish was, but it was probably a couple inches tall.

You get 30 minutes to finish this. You can't get up or go to the bathroom. Winners get: (1) the meal free, (2) a shirt, (3) a VIP card (good for one free taco per visit for a year), and (4) eternal glory.

Me with Erik Lamkin

My friends Naader and Erik took the challenge. Head to their YouTube channels (Naader's channel and Erik's channel)  to see how they fared. They both said they enjoyed the challenge and the red sauce itself had a bit of spice on it.

As for the more normal panda, I enjoyed a couple of their menu items.

Their tropical smoothie ($3.99 small) contains pineapple, mango, orange, coconut, banana, and yogurt. Very refreshing, and I could drink a couple of those every day.

They gave me a bunch more than this; just nearly forgot to take a pic

The Al Pastor burrito ($6.49) was next: rice beans, cilantro, onion, and marinated pork in a flour tortilla. I had it with some of Taquero's hot sauces, which really hit the spot. The spiciest sauce (likely) has habaneros, but I'd recommend ant of them for science.

Just like at other places I went to on this California trip regarding food challenges, a couple of people wanted to take photos of the Chupracabra and then watch my friends wolf down a large amount of food. Entertainment at its finest, perhaps?

While Taqueros is probably a bit more out of the way for me to visit again, I hope to do so if I get to that part of California. 8.5/10

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