Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Heroes Bar and Grill (Fullerton)

Heroes Bar and Grill is located on W Santa Fe Avenue in downtown Fullerton, California.

On my last full day in California, my friend and I went on one more adventure, this time heading into downtown Fullerton.

The beer list alone makes it a priority to return. According to their website, they have a whopping 139 beers on tap. That will be a lot of drinking science.

After being seated, you'll get a bag of peanuts. Apparently, you can enjoy the peanuts there and toss the shells on the floor.

Their lunch/dinner menu has a lot of American and Southern influences. But what really got my attention were the ghost chile wings. Maybe another day because we may have arrived too early for that.

On Sundays, they open an hour earlier to do brunch. Huge portions, too.

Bottomless coffee is $2.00 and well worth the price.

Joey's Favorite Omelette ($10.95) is a cheesy one, filled with bacon, avocado, and mushrooms, with more bacon on top. It's served with home fries, fruit, and sourdough toast.

While I was warned on the portion size, I still was in awe at what I got presented with. Enough to knock me into a mini coma for a few hours. As promised, lots of bacon, avocado, and mushrooms in the omelet, and more crispy bacon bits on top. Perfect crispy bacon here folks. Delicious home fries (basically seasoned potato chunks) and proper toast.

As for my friend and his voracious appetite, he had a stack of their pancakes ($11.95). Six in number, with choice of sausage links or bacon on the side. In lieu of meat, you can get a double portion of fruit. Finish everything by yourself, and it's free.

I took one look at the stack and knew t here was no way I could do it. If I'm lucky, maybe halfway. The photos really can't capture how large they are. And you'll need way more syrup than a tiny container for this.

Frankly, even if you can't finish all the pancakes, if you have a family who can, it's worth it. Might as well make that $12 price tag work its bargain magic.

My friend, of course, videotaped his attempt. The staff had no problems with it and even encouraged it.

We came in when the place wasn't too packed, but maybe an hour in, Heroes was jumping with patrons. I found myself having to go up to the bar to get the check or more beverages.

Check out Heroes in Fullerton! You may need to bring stretchy pants, though. 9.25/10

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