Sunday, August 19, 2018

Zero Degrees (Portland SE 82nd)

Zero Degrees has locations in several U.S. states. This blog post covers the spot in the strip mall at SE 82nd and Harrison in Portland, Oregon.

Asian-Hispanic fusion desserts and savory dishes. That's Zero Degrees in a nutshell. As of this writing, they are in six states (AZ, CA, FL, OR, NV, and TX). I'm sure even more locations are on the way.

Not surprisingly, there was a full house of people during summer.

The signature item here is the Mangonada, a mango slush with chamoy, tajin, and fresh mango chunks on top. Tajin and chamoy are traditional Mexican savory-salty condiments that can be added to fruit. It's like people in Hawaii adding li hing mui to their fruit.

Chamoy is a mild hot sauce here (it can be in various forms), while tajin is a powdered/flaked condiment.

Speaking of Hawaii, I needed the Spicy Dole Whip ($5.50) in my life. A pineapple dole whip soft serve with fresh strawberries, chamoy, tajin, and a tamarind straw on the side. So more salty-sour-sweet candy on a straw. It's a dollar less without the straw, but you gotta get that for proper science.

A very refreshing treat. The savory-sour kick from the chamoy and tajin goes very well with the pineapple. It's a very interesting take, and you won't have the crazy lines or the insane admission prices to Disneyland or Disney World. Heck, even the Dole Plantation on Oahu is a natural tourist attraction.

Granted, condiments here like tajin, chamoy, and tamarind can be acquired tastes; not everyone will like them. In that case, consider signature drinks like watermelon slush and strawberry limeade. It may even be possible to just get plain Dole pineapple soft serve.

As for food, I would recommend some of the savory items like Hot Cheetos Cheese Fries, cajun fries, chicharrones, and popcorn chicken.

I definitely plan to return to try more of the menu. In addition to the Portland location, Zero Degrees has a spot in Beaverton. Check either of them out if you're in the area! 8.5/10

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