Sunday, August 5, 2018

Choux Creme

Choux Creme is located on E Commonwealth Avenue in downtown Fullerton, California.

After walking off the gluttony from Heroes a couple blocks away, dessert was the logical next stop. They use liquid nitrogen here to freeze your dessert, which allows them to create your order on the spot.

So I walk in the door and look on the wall, and what do I see? Hot Cheetos Ice Cream exists.

It's a vanilla ice cream base, and hot cheetos are crumbled in. The result: a unique ice cream that has the color of the Flamin' Hot powder - and you can even see the crumbled cheetos in there.

Somehow, someway, it works. The ice cream itself tones down the heat of the spicy cheetos, but eating a bunch of the ice cream will, at some point, make you feel the spice. It remains a pleasurable heat level, so unless you have no spice tolerance at all, you should be able to give this a try.

On the side: Nitro Iced Coffee, which had a velvety texture. The right amount of cream in there to balance with the bitter coffee.

All of this was around seven or eight bucks, fairly standard.

They also do a "Cho-nut" (a churro doughnut), funnel cakes, and other pastries. I envy any of you who are close by.

Head to Choux Creme in Fullerton for dessert science! 8.5/10

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