Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Casa Burrito

Casa Burrito is located on Powell Street E in Monmouth, Oregon.

I probably wouldn't have found myself back in Monmouth had I not met my good friends for lunch. They live closer to the area, and I wanted to drive down to meet up with them.

You can order inside or outside at Casa Burrito. It appears you can eat inside no matter if you ordered inside or outside. I'm still not clear on that one.

Authentic Mexican food here, from the usual tacos and burritos, to massive plates.

Free chips and salsa, like how it is at many Mexican places. Their traditional salsa with tortilla chips was a winner, mild but flavorful.

The hot sauces are all outside, with my favorite escabeche (pickled vegetables). The orange salsa was habanero, the light green one was jalapeno, and the dull green one a more traditional verde salsa.

(L to R) Habanero, Jalapeno, an orange salsa with slight vinegary flavor,
Verde, and Traditional Salsa

A good margarita here, too. The regular size ($6.95) is probably a good 16-20 oz drink. I admit I nearly ordered the giant one, which likely would have been around 32 oz. I'm no tequila expert, so I likely might not taste much difference between a regular, Gold, or Cadillac margarita.

I ordered the Pollo a la Diabla ($14.95) and asked for it extra spicy as usual. Strips of chicken in a spicy red sauce, with mushrooms and onions. The sauce didn't seem too spicy at first, with just a noticeable tinge of heat on the end. But as I kept eating it, the sweat started to pour from my face. Mission accomplished.

Excellent rice and refried beans. A very delicious meal.

For any of the plates, you'll have your choice of corn or flour tortillas, and I chose corn. Five warm tortillas should allow you to make a few tacos with this.

The place was packed but looked to be short-staffed on a Sunday. Despite some difficulties on the service, the food was worth it. My friends and I will still happily return to this spot. 8.75/10

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