Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Nonavo Pizza

Nonavo Pizza is located on W 6th Street in downtown Vancouver, Washington.

After enjoying my coffee from Brewed, I crossed the street to Nonavo for lunch. They opened around 11:30 on a Saturday, and I was probably their second customer of the day at noon. The people slowly filed in afterward, so it's definitely a known spot in the area.

I took a seat at their counter so I could get a good shot of the woodfired oven in the background.

A good number of pizza options on the menu. They also have ice cream, but today was all about pizza.

As usual when going to a pizza spot, I got the Margherita ($10), a simple pizza with sauce, mozzarella, and basil. Nowhere to hide; clean flavors all the way. I got my pizza within 5-7 minutes.

Outstanding pizza here. Awesome chewy crust, with slight crunch. Good char on the underside and edges from the woodfired oven. Like many of these spots, they will hang that pizza right over the fire for a few seconds.

The sauce here is top-notch, lovely sweetness. Gooey cheese and the right amount of basil.

The pizza was probably between 10 and 12 inches in diameter. It was cut into four slices, so each was a bit large. Ideally, I'd go six slices for that size, but it's harder to cut six slices than four or eight.

Frankly, I prefer Nonavo over Gracie's. The pizza looked bigger, looked better, and not as long a wait. To be fair, I went for Saturday lunch at Nonavo instead of Saturday dinner, and I'm sure Nonavo gets way busier around dinner time.

For a great pizza, check out Nonavo in downtown Vancouver! 9.25/10

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