Monday, November 4, 2019


UnPhogettable is located at the corner of NE 99th Street and NE Hwy 99 in Vancouver, Washington.

I remember this spot once being a 7-Eleven; in fact, the doors still had the 7-Eleven impression somewhere on it. I saw the signs for this dating back to 2018, and they opened around the end of March 2019.

Clean and spacious interior, with a bunch of tables.

Typical menu here, with a number of pho choices, rice dishes, and appetizers.

I went straight for the pho, of course. The large "P4" with eye-round steak and well done flank ($10.95) had a good portion of meat and noodles. A plate of the usual basil, sprouts, jalapenos, and lime wedge accompanied the dish.

The broth is usually what makes the dish. This one was good, but not at epic status. Still hearty and soothing. I made sure to go on a colder, rainy day to really be in the mood for this.

I would wonder if the dish is any better in the evening, when the broth may have had a chance to get more concentrated staying on a stove. Only a few patrons were having lunch when I arrived midday on a Thursday. Good service on my visit.

The name is, dare I say, "unphogettable". The food, meanwhile, is decent and does the trick. If you're in SW Washington, give this spot a try! 7.5/10

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