Monday, November 11, 2019

Majestic Delicatessen Cafe

Majestic Delicatessen Cafe is located at the corner of W 50th and W 7th Ave in midtown Manhattan, New York City.

I took an east coast trip with my mom in September and I'm only now getting to these, mainly because I took several hundred photos on the trip and wanted to go through all of them first. We covered six states in seven days. For those wondering, I've now gone to 40 states and DC.

New York City is an interesting experience, especially as someone who is not used to the fast busy way of life that NYC has. We flew into JFK (part of Queens) and decided on a taxi ride into midtown Manhattan. The taxi ride was over an hour and was about $60, not including other fees and tip. If I went back and wasn't as pressed for time, I'd try the AirTrain into Manhattan, reportedly much cheaper.

Midtown Manhattan basically includes Times Square and all those lights. Never a dull moment.

Mom and I booked an all-day tour off the city and Majestic Delicatessen Cafe was a spot close to the pickup point.

As expected, a lot of people getting food around 8 AM. You go to the counter for food, or if just ordering a drink (i.e. coffee), just head to the register. Don't hesitate, either; locals will just go right in front if you don't act.

The menu is typical breakfast and lunch options.

I went with a bagel sandwich: two eggs and ham  with melted cheddar, which ran about $5.50. A small coffee was $2.50. Not too bad considering it's NYC.

A very good bagel sandwich here. No frills, just a slightly crunchy/toasty bagel with scrambled eggs, a few slices of ham, and gooey cheese. It had a bit of heft to it, so it's not some dinky Egg McMuffin by any means.

The people behind the counter go extremely fast, which is required in a bustling city.

The coffee was not the best. Too watery for me.

It was a good spot to fill up that empty stomach, nothing more. With so many places to see just in midtown, this will probably not stand out, other than being the first food place I visited. 6.75/10

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