Thursday, November 14, 2019

Little Italy Pizzeria and Deli

Little Italy Pizzeria and Deli is located on Fulton Street in Manhattan's Southern Tip, New York City.

Manhattan has a ton of neighborhoods to remember, and for a non-local like myself, probably way too many to remember. Before heading on a ferry as part of our all-day NYC tour, our tour guide let us out in the Southern Tip neighborhood, adjacent to Wall Street. It's close to the Brooklyn Bridge. Even in this section of NYC, where there's maybe just 1-2 lanes, always watch out for cars.

And you can't go to New York and not have pizza. Right?

As expected again, a line of people at Little Italy Pizzeria for lunch. You can get slices or whole pies. Several cut pizzas were on display. The line moves quick, par for the course there.

Just as I do with almost every pizza place, I ordered a slice of Margherita pizza. I couldn't tell what the price was, or if they called it differently there, but I'd guess around $3.50 is normal price.

The slice is fairly generous, and while I could have ate it all myself, Mom and I split that in half to enjoy. Dollops of tomato sauce are splashed throughout, topped with some ripped basil.

An awesome slice here. Very crunchy, almost a cornmeal-like texture on the bottom. It wasn't smooth like at other pizza shops. With the sauce on top, it becomes a sweeter, juicier experience. Can't beat the gooey, browned cheese. Not a lot of crust on the edge, which I think is a good thing.

Bottled water here is $2, and I just got one because I was thirsty.

People obviously will differ on where the best pizza in New York is. This one was damn good to me.

Little Italy Pizzeria was a big hit with me and Mom. I'd love to return. 8.5/10

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