Thursday, November 7, 2019

La Costa Mexican Restaurant

La Costa Mexican Restaurant is located on NE Thurston Way in Vancouver, Washington.

I've been to La Costa before, but it was several years ago and one where I only watched a food challenge take place. La Costa years ago did a 6-pound (approximately) burrito challenge at limited times of the year. Set time limit and everything. They may have discontinued this challenge, although I can't confirm or deny that at this time.

La Costa is near Ross and Total Wine, and maybe a couple minutes (if even that) from the Vancouver Mall.

I came here with my mom on a chilly, yet sunny October day for lunch. The place was not packed, but not empty.

Like at many Mexican restaurants, free chips and salsa. But La Costa even throws in a free side of refried beans. All fresh and delicious.

Several margarita options here, and I went with their house signature margarita. For many people, a medium-sized version should be good enough. At least 16-20 oz here. Very well made.

Near our table was a salsa bar with a spicier salsa, cabbage pico, and pickled veggies. I could eat that cabbage pico every day, and basically devoured my helping before taking a photo. Silly panda.

Mom ordered the veggie enchiladas ($13.99) which had salsa verde on top and various veggies inside. Pinto beans on the side. Surprisingly tasty; never would have imagined.

I went with one of the usual dishes at a sit-down Mexican restaurant, Camarones a la Diabla ($19.99). Shrimp and veggies in a spicy red buttery sauce, with beans and Mexican rice. I went with their default option to see how spicy the baseline was. Not a lot of detectable heat for me, but I'm sure they will make it spicier if you request that.

My dish came with choice of corn or flour tortillas. I went with corn this time, but I prefer either one to make some delicious tacos.

Excellent service as usual, and healthy portions. Since a lot of Mexican food keeps well, it may be a good idea to fill up on some salsa and chips, then take a portion of your main course home to feast on later.

I had a wonderful experience at La Costa. Check them out! 8.5/10

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