Monday, November 18, 2019

Joe's Pizza (Broadway)

Joe's Pizza has multiple spots in Manhattan, New York City. This blog post covers the location on Broadway, between W 40th and W 41st.

As I stated in my previous blog post, pizza is one thing you basically must get in NYC. It's one of those iconic foods associated with the area.

When we did the all-day NYC tour of Manhattan, we asked our tour guide about pizza spots, and he suggested Joe's if you wanted slices. There are places like Lombardi's that he would also recommend (due to the old-style coal-fired ovens), but Lombardi's only does whole pizzas.

And yes, I highly recommend the New York in One Day Guided Tour from USA Guided Tours. Be sure to take this between April and December so that you get the ferry ride. That ferry ride gives you a breathtaking shot of the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and more. You'll also go under the Brooklyn Bridge. (And no, this is NOT a sponsored post)

Ellis Island

The Brooklyn Bridge from underneath

Mom and I stopped at Joe's after the tour. It was pushing mid-80s with humidity. I stupidly wore jeans the entire day, and my legs felt like they were in a sauna. Still, we pressed on to try Joe's, which opened in 1975. You may have seen Joe's Pizza in one of the Spiderman movies.

As usual, a line of people here. Just like at Little Italy Pizzeria, multiple sliced whole pies in the display window.

I got a slice of cheese pizza ($3.00) while my Mom got the Caprese ($4.75). Again, I got a simple slice so there is no hiding anywhere. We got our slices very quick after a quick re-heat in their oven.

Sweet sauce, good cheese, and good crust. This is more the stereotypical New York slice that I'm familiar with. It folds well and is very thin the further you go away from the crust. Unlike Little Italy Pizzeria, this is the type where the sauce is laid right on the dough, with cheese covering it. It's just a thin layer of cheese on this slice , as the top of the slice is predominantly red.

The underside has a good char, not burnt, and is smooth. However, I thought there was too much crust here. The slice otherwise is good and did the job.

Mom's Caprese slice looked way better, with less crust at the end and lots of fresh toppings like mozzarella and tomatoes.

If I had to try Joe's again, should I have gone to any other location, such as the one on Carmine? Until then, Joe's is a good spot for New York-style pizza, but it did not top Little Italy's slice. 7/10

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